Monday, 12 December 2011

Progress so far ......

The Paths to Crime project will catalogue the QSR (Quarter Session Rolls) from 1831 - 1900. As the project employs 2 part-time cataloguers, it was decided that it made sense for the cataloguers to begin at different points on the timeline.

Therefore, Kathryn is currently working on 1839-1848, and Sharon on 1849-1858 (with 1831-8 being left until the end as the documents are currently held in a different form). So far, the following years have been completed:


Therefore, if your interest is in a particular year or date range, it is worth checking back. Please don't assume that because 1851 had been catalogued that all years prior to that have been.

The earlier years contain a larger number of cases per quarter, and so are more time consuming to input. However, the Volunteers report that the number of cases dealt with at the Quarter Sessions drops dramatically in the 1860s, so we expect progress to be much quicker once we reach that point.

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