Friday, 1 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee

The June Document of the month at The Bedfordshire & Luton Archives and Record Service relates to a document discovered in the Quarter Sessions in 1841.  A young Queen Victoria was on a visit to Woburn Abbey when an offence took place.  A member of the 11 Hussars who was escorting the Queen committed an offence whilst under the influence of alcohol.  The supporting documents include a lengthy letter of apology from the solider.  Click here for the BLARS document of the month.

As yet we haven't catalogued the Diamond Jubilee year of Queen Victoria.  However, out of curiosity we have peeked forward at the QSM (Quarter Session Minutes) book which covers the year 1897.   We found an official response from Whitehall thanking the Justices of Bedfordshire for their congratulatory message sent to the Queen.  Looking back in the QSM we found the original message sent to the Queen by the Justices in November 1886.  We've attached an extract below. 

“We the Justices of the Peace of the County of Bedford in Quarter Sessions assembled desire to offer Your Majesty our humble and heartfelt congratulations upon the attainment by Your Majesty of a Reign which exceed in length the years that of any other Sovereign who has occupied the throne, not only of the United Kingdom, but of England.

We beg to assure Your Majesty that in common with all Your Majesty’s subjects we most deeply appreciate the benefits which had accrued to the Empire during the unprecedented reign, throughout the whole of which, with all its troubles and trials, Your Majesty has laboured with so much anxiety for the welfare of your people.

We earnestly hope that Your Majesty may yet be spared for many years to come to preside over the destinies of the vast Empire, and that the blessing of the Almighty may rest upon Your Majesty and all Your Majesty’s family.”

None of us are likely to see another Diamond Jubilee in our lifetimes, emphasising what an amazing achievement it was for both Queen Victoria and our present Queen Elizabeth to reach such a landmark.  We hope you all enjoy the Jubilee weekend.

QSM48 p590/1 & p605

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